New Testament Bible Class


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Oldest Bible in print (from about 400AD)

Evolution/Creation (page 13)

5 Reasons Muslims Convert to Christianity

Christian Encyclopedia on many topics

Search many Bible Translations

Empires of the Middle East from 3000B.C. to Today (in 90 seconds)

Scroll through the Isaiah Dead Sea Scroll

Wide Variety of Martin Luther’s Writings

Lectionary, Readings for Worship Services (Series A, B, & C)

First Century Jerusalem (maps, models, descriptions)

Highlights in the History of Jerusalem & the Temple Mount

Model of Ancient Jerusalem, About 66 A.D.

117 of Martin Luther’s Sermons 

Much information on the Temple in Jerusalem

English Standard Version of the Bible

Answers to many common questions about the Bible and Christianity


          Israel & Jerusalem (copyrighted)







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