New Testament Bible Class

Easter Morning: Summary of Events in the Four Gospels

A summary of the Gospel accounts of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Compiled by Paul Brandt

Matthew 28:1-10 Mark 16:1-14 Luke 24:1-49 John 20:1-23
  When Sabbath ends (after our sundown on Saturday),Mary Magdalene, Mary mother of James & Salome buy spices.    
At dawn on Sunday. Very early on Sunday. Very early Sunday morning. Sunday while still dark.
Mary Magdalene and other Mary go to the tomb. Mary Magdalene, Mary mother of James & Salome go to the tomb. Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James, and others with them go to the tomb. Mary Magdalene goes to the tomb.
Earthquake. Stone already rolled away. Stone already rolled away. Body gone. Stone removed.
Angel rolls back stone.      
Guards “like dead men”.      
Angel talks to women. Tell disciples “He has risen…go to Galilee.” See a “young man”. He is risen!”  Tell disciples to meet Jesus in Galilee.” Two men appear.  “He has risen!” [Mary leaves the other women before they see the angel.]
Women run to tell disciples. Women said nothing because they were afraid. Women told the Eleven and “all the others”. Mary goes to Peter and “the disciple Jesus loved (John?). Tells them that someone took Jesus out of the tomb.
    Apostles didn’t believe.  
    Peter runs to the tomb, sees that it is empty, wonders what had happened. Peter, the other disciple, and Mary go to the tomb.
      Peter and the other disciple believe the women but don’t understand.  Go home.
.     Mary stays, cries. 
Jesus meets them.  They worship him. Tell “my brothers” to go to Galilee.     Two angels talk with her.
  Jesus first appeared to Mary Magdalene.    She sees Jesus but does not recognize him.  Thought he was a gardener.
Guards report to chief priests.  They accept money to keep quiet.     Jesus says her name and she recognizes him.
      They talk. 
  Mary told the disciples who were mourning and crying.  They did not believe.   Mary goes to the disciples to tell them she has seen Jesus.
    That same day:  
    Two disciples going to Emmaus.  
  Jesus appeared to two disciples who were “walking in the country”.  Jesus walks with them, explains Scripture breaks bread, and disappears.  
  These disciples returned and reported it to the other disciples. Two disciples return to Jerusalem to tell the others.  
    [At some point Jesus appeared to Peter.  It is mentioned here but not described.] That evening.
  Jesus appeared to the Eleven.  Jesus appears to them all, shows hands and feet, eats, opens their minds so they can understand Scripture. Jesus appears to the disciples. Shows hands, feet, side.  Thomas not present.

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