New Testament Bible Class

Apostles Creed – Martin Luther Explains

The attached article appeared in the latest edition of “Good News” which is published through the Concordia Mission Society, 1-800-778-1132.  During class I mentioned how impressed I am that a man of such great intellect as Martin Luther was blessed with ability to debate the best minds of his time (who would be among the great minds of today) and was also blessed with the ability to communicate great, eternal truths with the common “man” like you and me. 

The opening paragraphs of the attached article especially impressed me but the entire article is worthy of reading and study.

 The attachment was scanned and then saved as “adobe acrobat” file.  You can download a free reader at

For the article, click on this link: luthers-explanation 

(FYI, the people referred to as “Turks” in Luther’s time were what are today called “Muslims”.  In the early 1500’s the “Turks” were invading Europe from the southeast and were a very great concern for the Emperor and the Christians of Europe.)


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