New Testament Bible Class

Easter Morning: Summary of Gospel Accounts

Matthew 28:1-10

  • At dawn on Sunday.
    • Mary Magdalene and other Mary go to the tomb.
    • Earthquake.
    • Angel rolls back stone.
    • Guards “like dead men”.
    • Angel talks to women.
      • Tell disciples “He has risen…go to Galilee.”
    • Women run to tell disciples.
    • Jesus meets them.  They worship him.
      • Tell “my brothers” to go to Galilee.
    • Guards report to chief priests.

 Mark 16:1-8

  • When Sabbath ends (after our sundown on Saturday),Mary Magdalene, Mary mother of James & Salome buy spices.
  • Very early on Sunday, go to the tomb.
    • Stone already rolled away.
    • See a “young man”.
      • “He is risen!”  Tell disciples to meet Jesus in Galilee.
    • Women said nothing because they were afraid.
  • Jesus first appeared to Mary Magdalene.
  • Mary told the disciples who were mourning and crying.  They did not believe.
  • Jesus appeared to two disciples who were “walking in the country”.
  • These disciples returned and reported it to the other disciples.
  • Jesus appeared to the Eleven.

 Luke 24:1-49

  • Very early Sunday morning.
    • Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James, and others with them go to the tomb.
    • Stone already rolled away. Body gone.
    • Two men appear.  “He has risen!”
    • Women told the Eleven and “all the others”.
    • Apostles didn’t believe.
    • Peter runs to the tomb.
  • That same day:
    • Two disciples going to Emmaus.
    • Jesus walks with them, explains Scripture, breaks bread, and disappears.
    • Two disciples return to Jerusalem to tell the others.
    • [At some point Jesus appeared to Peter.  It is mention here but not described.]
    • Jesus appears to them all, shows hands and feet, eats, opens their minds so they can understand Scripture.

 John 20:1-23

  • Sunday while still dark.
    • Mary Magdalene goes to the tomb.
    • Stone removed.
    • Mary goes to Peter and “the disciple Jesus loved (John?).
    • Tells them that some took Jesus out of the tomb.
    • Peter, the other disciple, and Mary go to the tomb.
    • Peter and the other disciple believe the women but don’t understand.  Go home.
    • Mary stays, cries. 
    • Two angels talk with her.
    • She sees Jesus but does not recognize him.  Thought he was a gardener.
    • Jesus says her name and she recognizes him.
    • They talk. 
    • Mary goes to the disciples to tell them she has seen Jesus.
  • That evening.
    • Jesus appears to the disciples.
    • Shows hands, feet, side.  Thomas not present.


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